It’s not been the best of years regarding our unpredictable weather but we haven’t done too badly. New seedlings  for our late Autumn and winter harvest are now  going  into the ground. Our world food polytunnel is crammed packed with a few exotics including okra, tomatillos, early Amaranth (an ancient grain), prickly Bitter Melon (or sometimes called Bitter Gourd which usually grows in Sub-tropical regions such as South America, Asia and the Caribbean and here it is thriving  in our World Food Polytunnel in  little New Addington, Croydon. It is reputed to lower blood glucose levels. For more information see  www.diabetes.co.uk. You can buy Chinese fresh Bitter Melon on the internet but they cost between £9 and £11 each. It did give me a sneaky desire to grow a polytunnel full of it to help maintain our whole growing area but I will resist and steam, stuff and bake a few instead. Our tomatoes are at last ripening and our melons and cucumbers, including those tasty little ridge ones are  growing by the minute. Sweet corn soon and our outdoor Quinoa and Amaranth plants are ripening fast. We should be able to harvest the grains mid September.

At last after a wait of 3 years, this year we will be harvesting our very own Good Food Matters New Addington honey. Harvest date 22nd August.  We will take photos and blog the event.

Thanks to the gardening team, all our volunteers and the rest of the staff for all the hard graft that goes into maintaining our beautiful centre.

Evelyn CEO and Founder

10:00, 21 Aug 2017 by Superhighways Volunteer


Summer Picnic Fun at Good Food Matters. 

Here we are again feeding the our lovely families in New Addington and Fieldway. 40 people in all attend including mums and children.  The photos  only show the first sitting for lunch. The day before Lalita and I shopped and prepared 6 pan loads of Tomato Chick Pea and Spinach dishes, 2 kilos of  Bulgur and a huge green leaf and carrot salad.   They ate the lot and we topped it with Lalita’s home made frozen Banana and Berry Ice Cream which was served in cornets. We really needed a team of dinner ladies to prepare  and serve this lot but it was bliss (I mean a relief)  to our team and the mums to see the kids eat  everything.

Happy kids and mums with great feedback!

Thanks also to Indianna, Angela, Daisy and Lalita for serving all and encouraging the little ones to eat. And also for clearing up brilliantly.  David did take them all out in relays for garden games but it was so exciting  and so much clearing up to do in the kitchen we forgot to take any.

Thanks also to all the mums and kids who attended. See you again soon.

Evelyn CEO and Founder

10:00, 16 Aug 2017 by Superhighways Volunteer





Rain did not stop play today on our wonderful summer picnic day.  

Thanks mums and kids. What a great day!  

See you next week. Bring the sun this time!

The Good Food Matters Team

10:00, 09 Aug 2017 by Superhighways Volunteer


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